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Located in south-east Transylvania, Harghita county of central Romania, Salt Crystal offers a fine holiday experience in a very effective way.

Nine log cabins built to accommodate up to four persons each, created with our guests in mind to provide a home away from home, where one always would like to return. A rapidly developing town named Praid gives home to Salt Crystal, two major attractions are the basis of the growing tourism, the resort like '' Salt Halls" serving also as a natural treatment centre and the spas built around the natural salt water wells. 

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Tourist spots

Tourist attractions of Praid

Other sights are the Salt Canyon which is a protected natural reserve area with  blocks of salt at the surface penetrating to a depth of 3 km and has a diameter of about 1.4 km, this salt block could supply all of Europe with table salt for about 100 years. It is estimated to contain about 2 billion tons of salt.In Salt Canyon we see blocks of salt with different formations produced by nature, one can observe sinkholes, smaller and larger cones engraved by infiltrating groundwater  which also creates underground hollows.


Salt Crystal log cabins are about 250 m away from the Salt Halls of Praid and about 200 m away from the salt water swimming pool of Praid. The nearest shopping center and the unique to the region outdoor shopping centre is 200 meters away from the Salt Crystal log cabins

The town of Sovata is at a distance of 8 km from Salt Crystal log cabins. Sovata, the largest town in the region, it is located in the western foothills of the Gurghiu Mountains at an altitude of 500 m, famous form its spas and resort built around the natural salt lakes tipycal to this region. Sovata Bai, features several a salt lakes with healing effects of rheumatic problems and gynecological symptoms. Bear Lake is the largest lake in Sovata, a unique salt lake in all Europe with its heliotherm characteristics, with a lifespan of over 140 years.


  • bathroom, shower, toilet, kitchen
  • TV, refrigerator
  • 2 single beds and a sofa with two seats
  • Kitchen for each cabin
  • garden, playground for children (swings, slides, sandbox, etc.).
  • saltwater tub for 8 pers.
  • WI-FI
  • parking in the yard


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Györfi Enikő(Manager)

Adress : 537240 Praid, Strada Minei, Nr.45, Hargita, Romania

GPS : 46.5479, 25.1134

Telefon: : +40-745-322-179

Email : sokristaly@yahoo.com

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